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Values that are guiding Progstar Systems

A value is a belief or a philosophy that is really meaningful to the Progstar Systems. We at Progstar Systems strongly believe that by adoption, and implementation of values will help us to grow, prosper and earn profits. We have adopted certain values that motivate us to work efficiently. Those values maintain high ethical standards and work culture across our organization.

Since our inception, we have operated under the guidance of following core values:

  • We deliver quality and excellence in all that we do
  • We use technology to develop market leadership
  • We value our employees
  • We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen
  • We value the client-consultant relationship and we are dedicated to providing excellence in all of our deliverables

Following are the values that guide the performance of all our employees:

  • Customer Centred - Understand customer & Deliver
    • We measure our success by customer satisfaction. We succeed through satisfied customers
    • We satisfy our customer with extraordinary team work
    • We intend to have longer lasting partnership with our clients and customers therefore we are fully committed to true customer satisfaction and success
    • We understand our customers and their needs. We deliver services that represent value for the customer.
  • Empowerment - Engage & Take Responsibility
    • Our employees seek and accept responsibility. They take initiative both within and outside your functional areas.Seek and give feedback. Focus and follow-up on results

  • Teaming and Collaboration - Share & Contribute
    • Each of us has individual strengths and weaknesses. By acting together in synergy, we contribute as a whole to our common goal. Share information and knowledge. Listen and try to understand colleagues views. Each one of us release personal potential and Progstar Systems rewards performance.

  • Innovation - Challenge & Improve
    • Try new ideas and make things simpler.
    • Take balanced risks and implement purposeful changes
    • Learn from experience and continue to develop.
    • Design solutions that differentiate Progstar Systems from competitors.
  • Care & Respect
    • Demonstrate honesty and accountability in every action.
    • Treat your colleagues fairly and with respect.
    • Respect and care for Progstar Systems assets, short and long term.
    • Focus on environment, community and safety.
    • We are a people oriented business. We genuinely care for each other.

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